4785 Wallpaper Engine Will Soon Get An Android Companion App

Wallpaper Engine Will Soon Get An Android Companion App

112472 Wallpaper Engine Will Soon Get An Android Companion App

A popular Windows dynamic wallpaper app, Wallpaper Engine, is set to receive an Android companion app. With the Wallpaper Engine Android app, users can transfer their desktop Wallpaper Engine library to Android devices. 

Wallpaper Engine companion app will allow users to set dynamic wallpapers to Android devices

Wallpaper customizations are the easiest ways to personalize devices. And the Wallpaper Engine desktop app has ruled over the PC space for dynamic wallpapers and customizations. Now, the developers have announced that the desktop version will soon have an Android companion app. Via Steam.

 Although the mobile version will not support on-device Steam Workshop store and downloads due to platform restraints, users can port their desktop library to Android devices. For seamless file transfers, the app will support wireless file transfers over a local Wifi connection. However, for pairing the platforms, users will need to own the desktop version of the Wallpaper Engine app. 


It’s worth mentioning that file conversions are automatic before the files are ported to Android devices.  

Android app will receive a full suite of dynamic wallpaper customization options 

The Wallpaper Engine companion app will feature extensive customization options. Users will be able to customize pre-programmed dynamic elements such as textures, animations, and color pallets. For music lovers, the app will allow customizations for audio-responsive wallpapers. But, dynamic wallpapers drain a big chunk of battery life. Users can reduce video frame rates for battery optimization. More battery-saving features will be revealed after the complete version is released.

With the announcement of a Wallpaper Engine Android app, the developers have also released Web Livestream support for desktop. This mode supports setting up live streams as dynamic wallpaper. Although currently limited in functions, users can check out the feature with the latest Wallpaper Engine 1.7 update version.  


Windows and Android OS are two customization-friendly platforms. And it is a no-brainer to have one centralized app for wallpaper and customization needs. The developers state that the Android version will be an “extension” to the desktop Wallpaper Engine app and have no hidden costs and advertisements.

The next natural step for Wallpaper Engine would be developing a similar platform for Apple’s ecosystem. But, that’s until iOS devices offer more customization options.

The Wallpaper Engine companion app is expected to launch on mobile app stores by October. 


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