12140 WhatsApp will let you choose how long pinned chats stay up

WhatsApp will let you choose how long pinned chats stay up

155611 WhatsApp will let you choose how long pinned chats stay up

WhatsApp always has some new feature that it’s working on, so its beta testers always have something to sink their teeth into. According to a report from WABInfo (via Sam Mobile), WhatsApp will let you pin a chat, and choose the duration of that pinned chats.

Sometimes, there are those chats that you just need to keep at the forefront of your mind. They could be about an important project, a serious matter, or just something you need to keep in mind. Chats like these are best if you can easily access and remember them.

Pinned chats were announced before

For this update, we’re actually talking about two different features. Earlier in the year, we got the news that WhatsApp was working on a feature that will let you pin messages to the top of a chat (version ).

So, as the conversation goes on, the pinned message will still be visible at the top of the group. While it was mentioned several months ago, this feature is still under development.


We’re not sure when the feature will make it to the public, but we have news about another feature that the company is working on. WhatsApp will allow you to set the duration of the message that you pin. This was discovered in a separate beta release (version

WhatsApp will allow you to choose the duration of your pinned chats

There are messages that are only relevant for a certain amount of time. Maybe there’s a meeting happening soon or a deadline. You can pin a chat, but you’ll only want to have it up for a certain amount of time. Well, Whatsapp will let you set it to expire automatically after some time.

Looking at the screenshot provided by WABInfo, it looks like there will be some limitations. For starters, you’ll be able to set your chat to expire after either 24 hours, 3 days, or 30 days. That’s useful, but only having three options is a bit limited. Hopefully, the company comes out with more options including the option to set your own custom duration.

Also, in the screenshot, we don’t see the option to pin your chat indefinitely. There doesn’t seem to be the option to keep your chat pinned forever. If you need it pinned for longer than 30 days, then you might be out of luck.


At this point, we don’t know when WhatsApp plans on bringing this feature to the public. Only time will tell.

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