3489 You Can No Longer Buy A Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

You Can No Longer Buy A Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

103918 You Can No Longer Buy A Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

The Galaxy Z Fold2 has proved to be a compelling device, improving on the durability issues that plagued the first generation. However, folks looking to buy a new one are out of luck, as the Galaxy Z Fold2 is now unavailable to buy. This was spotted by 9To5Google.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 is unavailable on the Samsung website

Going onto the Samsung site and searching up a Galaxy Z Fold2 will lead you to a dead end. You will be greeted by a white screen with the text reading, “The Galaxy Fold is no longer available for purchase on Samsung.com, however, please take a look at additional options in the Galaxy family”

This is odd because Samsung gave no indication that they would be pulling this device. The company also didn’t give any information as to why they made the Galaxy Z Fold2 unavailable.  At this point, it doesn’t seem like Samsung is responding to any publications’ questions.


The Galaxy Z Fold2 was a really good device

The original Galaxy Z Fold was a huge PR nightmare for Samsung, being loaded with numerous vulnerabilities when it came to the display. People wound up with ruined and unusable screens because dust and dirt particles would make their way under the display, wreaking havoc on the internals. This issue also affected Huawei’s first-generation Mate X.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 improved on the first-generation in that aspect and others. The screen was much more protected and durable. Samsung introduced brushes under the display to sweep away any pesky particles that would try to get in. They also used ultra-thin glass for the display, making it less prone to scratches than the plastic display of the first Galaxy Z Fold.

The improvements went beyond the durability of the folding display. The external display was bigger than that of the first generation. This made it more useful as an actual phone, and not just as a tablet. On the inside, the large notch that ate into the screen was reduced to a small punch-hole, much like the ones that adorn other Galaxy phones.


The main issues that held the first Galaxy Z Fold back were extinguished with the second generation. This is why it’s confusing that the Galaxy Z Fold2 is unavailable. Not only that, but the Galaxy Z Fold3 hasn’t released yet, which means that the second generation is the only revenue stream for the series at the moment.

The next Galaxy foldables are on their way

Rumors and leaks pointing to the next foldable duo of Galaxy phones have been running rampant lately. The new Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold phones’ release date might be sometime in August. Rumors point to a larger external display on the Galaxy Z Flip3 and a pretty low price (relatively). When these devices hit the market, they will hopefully push foldable phone technology further on its journey into the mainstream.

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