3382 You Have To Earn The “Opportunity” To Buy The OnePlus Watch Cobalt

You Have To Earn The “Opportunity” To Buy The OnePlus Watch Cobalt

103051 You Have To Earn The "Opportunity" To Buy The OnePlus Watch Cobalt

OnePlus is up to its old tricks again for the “opportunity” to buy its devices, this time with the OnePlus Watch Cobalt, which apparently requires an invite to make the purchase. If you’re new to the OnePlus brand, a little recap is in order.

Back when OnePlus first launched, it required users to get an invite to buy its first phone. The OnePlus One. Invites could be acquired in a number of different ways, all of them equally ridiculous. Then there was the infamous ladies first contest, which the company ended up pulling within a day due to understandable backlash.

OnePlus’ invite system went on for the first few generations of its phones. Though it did eventually end and the company then allowed people to buy devices like they would from a normal business. By giving that company money and hitting a buy button.


The OnePlus Watch Cobalt invite isn’t as ridiculous as past contests. But it’s still strange. Especially for a company in 2021 that’s been through numerous successful smartphone launches. But I digress.

If you want a OnePlus Watch Cobalt invite, you better be Sherlock Holmes

Despite the fact that no one should want a OnePlus Watch in general, let alone the Cobalt version, OnePlus is making it a challenge to snag its limited edition watch.

According to Android Police, the company is holding a clue hunt on Instagram. Those who want to buy the Cobalt watch will need to hunt down and find clues, like a modern day Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a mystery.


If you’re willing to go through all of that trouble to pick up a smartwatch that doesn’t work as intended, there’s a few caveats. First, you’ll need to be an EU resident. This isn’t a contest for consumers outside the EU.

Second, you’ll have a limited amount of time on June 7 to find a code through the code hunt on Instagram. If you manage to find a code, then don’t jump for joy just yet because it’s not over. Following the code hunt, you will have exactly one hour on June 17 to find the website link that OnePlus has hidden somewhere. If you find it, then you can input the code to buy the watch. At full price mind you.

It seems like an awful lot of work to buy something at full cost that still needs more development time. But if you’re up to the challenge, keep an eye on OnePlus’ Instagram account over the next few days.


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